Dr. Joseph Park DOM, LAc, EAMP

Instead of only treating a patient’s visible symptoms, the holistic practitioner considers the whole body and looks for the cause of those symptoms, then devises a treatment plan to address overall body health. Dr. Park brings years of experience in this holistic approach to find and correct the ailments suffered by his patients. After examining a patient, Dr. Park creates a course of treatment personalized for that individual.

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Career and Achievements

  • Member of the Association of Descendants of Korea Independence Fighters
  • Secretary General of the Korea Liberation Association American Chapter (1990), Northwest American Brach (Current)
  • Secretary General of the National Association of East Asian Medicine Doctors in USA (1990)
  • Selected as the Best Inventor (Former)
  • Holds a number of Excellent Invention Patents in  East Asian Medicine
  • University of Washington-Affiliated Harbor View Hospital Clinical Acupuncture Specialist (Former)
  • Co-Chairman of the North American Association of  East Asian Medicine (Former)
  • President of the National Macpa  East Asian Medicine  Association (Current) 


  • Bachelor of  East Asian Medicine
  • Master of  East Asian Medicine
  • Doctor of  East Asian Medicine


  • Won the World Acupuncture Society Excellence Award
  • TX Cancer Research Association Letter of Appreciation
  • Best Paper Award at  East Asian Medicine Conference and many others