Come and check your toxicity and give yourself the chance to improve your health, naturally.

With over 30 years of experience in Oriental Medicine, we’ve been working hard to eliminate toxins and cold constitutions in a patient’s body. We prepare effective non-toxic medicines from natural herbs and combine them with our patented inventions to provide patients relief from pain.


Whole Body Cell Detox Machine

Detoxify your internal organs and rejuvenate the body by taking specific detox herbal tea for your symptoms. Once you’re in the dome it opens up the pores (60 trillion cells), allowing the specific infusion of herbal extracts to vitalize the cells. This encourages the elimination of toxins and parasites from the body and repair of damaged cells. Therefore, your internal organs, skin, muscles and bones become healthy.


Foot Detox Therapy Machine

In Eastern Medicine, our feet have acupressure points that correspond to our respective body parts. To be healthy, “The head must rest in a cool place while the feet are in a warm place.” Therefore, this machine operates with hot water (113*F/45*C). It turns water, into very fine, hydrogen-rich, bubbling molecules of 1/1000, allowing acupressure points to be opened, eliminating dead tissues, parasites, bacteria and more – while your feet become healthy.


Detox Bar (Stone Therapy)

This stone bar, consisting of five stones, emits far infra-red rays, which ease the pain and discomfort of muscle spasms caused by the accumulation of toxins over the years. Neck, back, shoulder, arm, and leg muscles can be effectively treated this way.


Muscle Percussion Detox Machine

This machine provides percussion therapy to all the muscles in the body with 8 different heads, each designed for a specific application. This therapy helps to allow more blood flow to muscles and is extremely comfortable.


Detox Heat Massager

This massager is specifically designed to trigger detox points with heated (100*F/38*C) balls, which spin around the trigger points and eliminate toxins.


Detox Point Stimulator

This machine works between fingers and toes, using high frequency oscillating stimulation on acupressure pointe in these areas to help relax the body and relieve fatigue.